30 Weeks Pregnant – Twins Updates

IMG_8839How far am I?

30+1 Weeks

Fun Fact

This week baby is the size of a cucumber. Baby’s hands are now fully formed and there fingernails are growing.

My Pregnancy Symptoms/How am feeling?

This past week I have been very sore and tired mostly all day. I also have been experiencing a lot of pressure down below which I have been told is fairly normal although my hubby keeps freaking out and saying there on there way every time I get the pains which I hope not yet because I still have a few things to get sort plus I haven’t even bought a cot yet. (ekkkk)

At my fortnightly check up in the twin clinic I was told again that my irons level are very low so I need to double up on iron tablets and eat more of the green stuff, boo hoo.

How The Babies Are Doing?

Both babies are weighting in around 3lbs each which is great. The positions have stayed the same with one head down (boy) and one head up (girl) but the problem is that the girl is laying the lowest and at a funny angle blocking the exit at the minute so it could be a c-secton now which honestly frightens me but I guess it will be what it will be.

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