32 Weeks Pregnant – Twins Update

tempHow far am I?

32+4 Weeks

Fun Fact

At 32 Weeks baby is the size of a squash and can weigh around 4lbs. Baby sleeps approximately 90 to 95 percent of the day now and there skin has become thicker and  continues to become more of a pinkish color.

My Pregnancy Symptoms/How am feeling?

I have been feel very uncomfortable this week and especially at night I am still struggling to sleep. At my check up in the twin clinic the doctor recommend I get a support belt for my bump so hopefully that will help take some of the pressure and pain away. I honestly don’t remember having any of this with my last two pregnancies but then again there wasn’t two in there. lol

How The Babies Are Doing?

Both of the babies are weighing in at around 4lbs 1oz each so they are both growing well and staying within the line on the grow charts. They are still in the same position as last time with one head down and the other up but blocking the exit but I am still hoping the one thats upright will move a little and let the others head down properly.

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