Our Twins Update – 1 Month Old

The twins are one month old, it seems like yesterday I was in the hospital with them but from then they have both been coming on great. Its such a change going from 2 kids to 4.

We have had so many visitors over the past few weeks coming to see them and give cuddles. We have also received many lovely gifts for them too.

Baby Girl

  • Currently still wearing her premie clothes as she’s still very small
  • Weight at one month is 5lbs 8oz
  • Breast feeding and taking bottles of around 2/3 oz
  • Baby girl really enjoyed her first bath at home, she was just so chilled out


Baby Boy

  • Currently still wearing his premie clothes too
  • Weight at one month is 5lbs 8oz same as his sister
  • Taking bottles of around 2/3 oz and still learning the whole breast feeding thing.
  • Baby Boy loves cuddling up to his sister in the Moses basket.