Family Update (November 2018)

This month I am feel much better after my surgery and we have had our first shopping trip out with the babies which was both frightening and lovely at the same time. Although I think a lot of parents feel nervous taking their newborn out in the pram outside for the first time but I am pleased to say it went well and we even managed a lovely family dinner out.

We have had some celebrations this month with Miss H turning 10 and Mr J turning 4 so this past two weekends has been full of birthday party’s and cakes. We held both parties at my mum’s house purely because our house looks like the inside of a mothercare store that has been trashed. lol The joys of being a new mum again.

The twins have been doing great this month and have both been putting weight on which is good since they are both still so small. It’s so adorable when they curl up together sleeping in their basket. I could watch them for hours but i’d get nothing done.

We are now looking forward to see what December brings and celebrating the twins first Christmas.