Our Twins Update – 2 Months Old

The little people are 2 Months old! I have now started to venture outside with them and starting to get into routines with them. We have even started going to a few baby clubs.

ezy watermark_23-01-2019_04-02-34pmBaby Girl

  • Baby girl has started to wear a few of her newborn size clothes which is lovely to see.
  • Her weight is now 7lbs 4oz
  • Our baby girl also give us her very first big smile this month.

Baby Boy

  • Our baby boy has also started wearing a few of his newborn clothes
  • His weight is now 7lbs 9oz so he has now passed his sister and he was a whole 1lb lighter than her at birth.
  • Baby boy has now mastered breast feeding like his sister so he is now getting the best of both and currently taking 3/4 oz bottles.