Our Twins Update – 3 Months Old

Our twins are now 3 months old and getting bigger everyday. They have now started to sleep through the night so that’s a Woop Woop for mummy and daddy. I can say I defiantly feel less like a zombie now I can get a good rest at night. I hope these little people can keep this up. This month they both had their first set of injections and they both did great.

ezy watermark_23-01-2019_04-15-43pmBaby Girl

  • Baby Girl is beginning to master her head control and can hold it by herself for a little.
  • She now weighs 9lbs 2oz and has now moved into her 0-3 clothes
  • Bottles are now between 4/5 oz and she still breast feeding too.
  • She now try’s to reach out and hit/grab things when she’s sitting in her baby bouncer.

Baby Boy

  • Baby boy is now also wearing his 0-3 clothes and its so lovely to see him in some of the outfits his big bother used to wear.
  • He now weighs 9lbs 15oz
  • He is still breast feeding and taking 4/5 oz bottles as well.
  • Baby boy had an appointment for the hospital this month as they thought he may have had a heart murmur but the paediatrician said they don’t hear one and they didn’t pick up on anything like that when he was in neonatal for 3 days after birth.So that was good news.
  • This month he has done his first big smiles and has even been trying to laugh out loud a little.