Our Twins Update – 4 Months

Four months old, time really fly’s when you’re having fun with these little people. They have both being doing great this month and their little personalities are starting to show in them both.

Baby Girl

  • Our baby girl has started to laugh now and its such the sweetest little sound.
  • Her weight is now 11lbs 9oz and we are wearing 0-3 clothes now
  • This month she had her second set of injections which were not as bad as the first ones.
  • Baby girl has began to hold toys in her hand and she is trying to reach for things now.
  • She is now taking 5oz bottle feeds now.

Baby Boy

  • Our baby boy is wearing 0-3 clothes at the minute and his weight is now 12lbs 7ozs
  • He is taking 5oz bottle feeds now and seem to really love fed times.
  • Like his sister he had his second set of injections and it didn’t seem to bother him in the slightest.
  • Baby boy has starting laughing now and he can give off be loud giggles when you tickle him around the neck and armpits.
  • He has now moved up to his size 2 nappies now.