Our Twins Update – 8 Months Old

Our Twins are now 8 months old! It’s so hard to believe this time last year they were tiny little things in my tummy. I love nothing more than waking up in the morning to see their little faces smiling at me through the cot bars.


Baby Girl

  • Baby girl has started to become more chatty recently using her ‘baa baa’s and da da’s.
  • Baby girl is now weighing 15lbs 8oz
  • Still waiting for some teeth to come through but despite not having any yet she has been enjoying her food and her new favourite is flavoured baby wafers.
  • Baby girl has started wearing a few of her 6-9 Month clothes now.

Baby Boy

  • Baby boy has completely mastered his rolling over and is now trying to lift his bum and knees when he’s on his tummy. He roll’s over a lot in the cot which his sister isn’t to please about because she end up getting a foot or a hand in her face. I think I may have to put them in separate cots soon.
  • Ella’s Kitchen melty sticks have become baby boy’s favourite snack and it doesn’t last long once you give it him.
  • Baby boy still has 4 teeth but no sign of any new ones coming as yet.
  • Baby boy is currently weighing 16lbs 1oz