Our Twins Update – 9 Months Old

Our twins are now 9 months old and getting bigger everyday. Their personalities are really starting to shine through now and they have even started to have little jealous moments of the other twin if one is getting fed first or lifted first.

eZy Watermark_28-07-2019_05-09-34pmBaby Girl

  • Baby Girl is now wearing all her 6-9 clothes.
  • Her Weight is now 16lbs 1oz
  • Baby girl is now wearing size 3 nappies
  • She has been enjoying lots of new tastes and her one of her favourite meals at the minute is chicken, potatoes and vegetables.
  • Baby girl is always very chatty but she will sure let you know if she wants something.

Baby Boy

  • Baby boy now weigh’s 16lbs 8oz
  • He is wearing all his 6-9 clothes and started wearing a few of his 9-12 clothes
  • He is also into size 3 nappies the same as his twin sister
  • Baby boy is a big lover of his food and eats all round him. He is still very much a lover of his ella’s kitchen melty sticks.
  • He loves his tummy time now and rolling around on the floor playing with his toys. He can really roll across the room now at some speed.