Family Update (September 2019)

Where has the summer gone, I literally can’t believe the kids are back in school and more so that Mr J has actually started in P1. He has settled in really well which is good, the first few days he got teary at the door because he didn’t want to leave me,(near had me crying too lol) but he gets up every morning now and happily goes. (long may it last)

This month was hubby’s birthday so we had a big family dinner out which was lovely and the kids enjoyed themselves has there was a soft play area for them to run around in.

I have now started going to a few more new baby groups with the twins, one is rhythm and rhyme and the other is a twins group for parents with twins or more. I love going there as it give me an opportunity to talk to other families with twins and its good to hear they all have the same struggles with two or more that we do, lol.

I am really looking to halloween now as the kids love carving there pumpkins every year and I love that we make it into soup. It’s like a treat that you only get this time of the year and it’s also Mr J’s favourite soup of all.