Family Update (October 2019)

This month we have been celebrating our twins 1st birthday and enjoying some time together time over the half term holidays.

The twins birthday party was a huge success which was great considering both my hubby and I got a bug a few days before the party. The best part for me was watching them both sitting on the sofa opening their gifts with such excitement in there eyes.

Over halloween we took a family trip out to visit the local museum and because Miss H has been learning about space in school and I thought it would be a good idea for her to see something practical rather than lots of written work.

This month Mr J had a funky hair day in school to raise money for charity so he told his daddy and I that he wanted it spiked up like a hedgehog lol. On the day I actually thought he looked very cute with his hair all spiked up. Since starting in P1 I can really see his confidence building which is great because sometime we would be a very quiet and shy boy.

My hubby has been very busy this month starting on some new projects with a friend of his which is very exciting and brilliant to see him pursuing in new ventures. I am so proud of him right now for making such a huge career move.

Next month is Miss H’s birthday and Mr J’s so I have lots of party planning to do!

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