Our Twins Update – 13 Months

These two are now 13 months and it literally seems like yesterday we were celebrating their 1st Birthday.

eZy Watermark_12-11-2019_06-41-46pmBaby Girl

  • Baby girl has finally got her first tooth! And her second tooth.
  • She is still wearing her 9-12 clothes and started into a few for her 12-18 month clothes.
  • This past few week she has been trying to pull herself up against things.
  • Her favourite snacks at the min are chewing on soft cooked carrots. She’s very much into her vegetables, I just wish our baby boy would eat them as well as she does.

Baby Boy

  • Our baby boy as also tried a few time to pull himself up against things.
  • This month he has become a pro at shouting ma ma and da da
  • Baby boy has now started also wearing some of his new 12-18 clothes. It crazy how fast they both grow out of their little outfits.
  • One of his favourite foods at the minute is potatoes with butter or a touch of homemade gravy.