Family Friday Round Up (26/5/17)

So this week my daughter had a prize giving event in her Sunday school so we took the family down to see her including my father-in-law. She had a few lines to read out which she did very well at. Afterwards we went out for a Sunday Lunch together which was lovely expect the toddler decided to turn into a little beast and refuse to eat and then only wanted nothing but sausages, to be fair he was very sleepy and when he is sleepy he can have a right little temper one him.

Waking Up on Tuesday morning to hear about the terrorist attack in Manchester was absolutely heart breaking. So many innocents peoples lives lost. I had sky news on most of the day and my daughter who is only 8 found it very hard to understand why such a thing could happen. It is truly hard to explain it all to child but I believe the best way is to let them ask you the questions.

On a lighter note this week our little man is starting to use the potty a lot more and starting to be more confident with it were as before he was a little anxious about sitting on it.

We have starting a little bit of decorating in our hallway by refreshing the paint on the walls and skirting boards which isn’t too easy when you have to active kids running around so most of it had to be done at night when they were in bed so that it would dry overnight.

On Friday we enjoyed the lovely warm weather and spent a lot of time outdoors. We also went for a lovely meal out with the kids and there grandad (my father-in-law), it was his idea, think he fancied a nice treat after all the painting he done on our garden fence.


Family Friday Round Up – Easter Fun (21/4/17)

This week we took the kids to a Easter Fair that was being held in one of the local churches near us. The kids had a great time at it, there was crafts,face painting and a easter hunt. Oh and Free Tea,Coffee and buns for everyone which was great to be able to keep up with the kids on there sugar high. The little man felt right at home as it was the same place he goes for his toddler group.

C9iGtsIWAAE8ChnOn Easter Sunday we enjoyed a lovely dinner together at home with some of the family and of course lots of chocolate. We even bought the grandads an egg so they didn’t feel left out and of course our toddler had thought all his christmases at once when he got to open and eat his very own egg. (Oh the sugar)

On Easter Monday my daughter and I went out shopping with my mum and granny. The shopping centre was mental but it was a nice day out regardless and we also went to ikea for lunch and a walk about. I love the kids stuff in ikea, everything is so well thought of and i always end up leaving with a few weird and wonderful things.



Family Friday Round Up (31/3/17)

I have been quiet on my blog for a while due to the death of my mother-in-law. The past few weeks have been hard on the family and there has been a lot to sort out and organise but i thought I would come back to sharing our little family updates.

Last week we decided to take the kids to a Folk & Transport museum, mainly because our little man has a big obsession with trains, cars and buses at the minute and we thought this would be great for him. When we arrived there and started walking around the place our little mans face just light up, it was like he was at his own version of disney land. He couldn’t stop shouting out choo choo,choo choo. He had so much fun walking around looking at old trains and even climbing into some. Of course our daughter enjoyed it to, she’s at the age now were she asks a lot of questions about everything and lets just say lucky I have google on my phone because I can’t always answer them lol.

On mothers day I was a very spoilt mummy, I had breakfast in bed followed by lovely gifts from my two kiddies. My daughter give me a lovely card, candle,mum of the year page with lovely things wrote on it and flowers which she made herself in school. I also got some chocolates and lovely new charm for my bracelet. And a lovely card from each of my kids. We then spent the afternoon tidying up the front garden while the little man was napping. We planted lots of lovely new flowers and my daughter really enjoyed helping out with that. I couldn’t have asked for a better mothers day.

I also have to praise how well behaved the toddler (aka The little man) has been this week as he had two days of having to watch me fill in forms for my father-in-law and he sat and played with his toy cars the whole time without having any melt downs.

This week my daughter lost another one of her teeth so there was a visit from the tooth fairy to our house. Very glad she lost it as it had been hanging in there for weeks and when it came out you could see the new one already there.


Family Friday Round Up – Heartache & Saying Goodbye (10/3/17)

This is probably one of the hardest posts I have ever wrote, I have no idea were to begin to describe the week our family has had. The pain we are going through or how much our world has changed so bare with me if your reading this because I have no idea how to write this but ill keep it brief and to the point.

On Saturday 4 March 2017 in the afternoon my husband and I watched as his mother passed away. She was terminally ill with Cancer, however it came as a shock to the family as we thought we had more time, she showed no signs of it being the end. Even that very morning on the day she died she was sitting up talking to people in the nursing home she was in. It was truly the hardest thing I have ever had to watch. It was quiet and peaceful and there was only my husband and I in the room when it happened.My husband was holding her hand by her bedside and it broke my heart when he fell to the floor crying.The doctor then came in and confirmed what we already knew. My father-in-law arrived after it happened, it all happened so fast and it was lucky that we ourselves even made it. I remember standing outside making calls when he arrived and he could tell from my face what had happened, he came over to me and I hugged him saying ‘am so sorry….shes gone’ as we both started crying.

We all sat round her bed for a few hours after while various people came in and out to check on us. Our minister came in, my father came in and some other family members but the rest of the day is mostly a blur now to be honest.When the undertakers arrived and we had to say goodbye it was so hard, how do you say goodbye to someone your never going to be with again.How do you let go. Watching my husband and his 87 year old father say goodbye broke my heart, after all that was his wife he had lost, i can’t imagine how he must have felt.

The next day we went and collected the kids from there grannys (my mum) and sat them down to tell them what had happened although by that I mean we told our 8 year old daughter as the toddler would have no clue whats going on. She took it well and had known that her granny was ill and in a nursing home for a while.

The funeral was held on Wednesday 8th March 2017. We chose not to bring the kids as it wasn’t really appropriate in our opinion and my husband didn’t want our kids to see him that badly upset because it would have upset them too. It truly was a hard day  for us all and I had felt sick with nervous as I was getting up to do the eulogy. I am glad say that i managed to read it all clearly without breaking down although a few time i was close, afterward when i walked back to my seat the whole room clapped with i wasn’t expecting so I like to think that my mother-in-law would be proud of me and hopefully i did her good.

Cancer is an awful disease and it has truly hurt our family watching as my husbands mother suffered with it for months. The only comfort we have now she is that she is in no more pain and she is no longer suffering. We all miss her dearly and will never forget the memories we have of her.


Family Friday Round Up (3/3/17)

This week we had lots of fun making pancakes on pancake day. It got lovely and messy in the kitchen when the toddler joined in but he sure enjoyed being part of it, he loved helping to stir the pancake mix and he even tasted it (yuk what was he thinking). We made that many pancakes that we didn’t even have dinner that night and my daughter even went to her brownies club that evening and made even more pancakes. I think I have eaten enough to do me until next year.img_2939

World Book day was also this week and this year my daughter choose to dress up as belle from beauty and the beast as she’s excited for the new live action movie coming out soon and she has been reading her beauty and the beast book at home. This is also one of my favourite Disney movie’s as a child. So that morning when I was helping her get all dressed  up we were both dancing around the living room to the soundtrack of the movie like two crazy people, and even the little man joined in too with half his cereal split down his pjs.(Rolls eyes)

Hubby and I had a bit of a fright this week because our toddler showed us he can climb up the ladder on his sisters bed all the way to the top! They were both playing in the bed room and we were in the next room then all of a sudden we heard our daughter shouting that the wee man was climbing up the ladders so hubby run in and couldn’t believe the little man had actually climbed to the top. He’s getting more daring everyday at this rate i will need to baby gate our daughters room too.

This week our toddler group moved to a nice new building and once we got inside my toddler seen all the toys and wouldn’t have even known it was a different place. They had a nice new selection of toys for the kids to play with so needless to say he had a great time and he seemed to totally fall in love the the little tikes car.



Family Friday Round Up (24/2/17)

So this past weekend we attended a Star Wars type convention with the kids and they had a great time and were both well behaved throughout the whole day which was a big plus.My hubby is a massive star wars fan and had been dying to go to this for weeks. It was well put together inside the place and there was lots of characters all dressed up from the movies.As you walked around the place you could take pictures with the various characters and there was backdrops behind each of them with different scenes from the movies which i think give it that extra touch. It wasn’t easy getting the toddler to take pictures with any of the characters as he was a bit freaked out by them and only seem to like them at the distance and as soon as he got close to any he would grab on to one of us.During the day they put on a little parade of all the star wars characters that were dressed up and put on a tribute on the big screen to the late Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) and Kenny Baker (R2D2) which was really lovely to watch.I really don’t know who had more fun the kids or my hubby.

This week my mother was taken into hospital so that was a little dramatic but thankfully nothing too serious when I went up to visit her and she got home after a few days in there. I also went to visit my mother in law in the nursing home too, its some what of a routine between us now to go over and visit her as she can have good and bad days with her illness along with her meds making her extremely anxious and confused a lot so needless to say it can be a bit of a challenge with her at times.

One of my highlights this week was when my little man curled up with me in bed watching tv and fell asleep in my arms, this is something that doesn’t normally happen and it was nice to have cuddles with him for a change. Since he’s got bigger he’s not so much into cuddles like was when he was a baby although he always likes to give hugs to any family or friends that visit providing he’s not in terrible twos melt down mode.

Happy Friday and Enjoy the Weekend



Family Friday Round Up (17/2/17)

Its been quite a busy week with lots going and my daughter is off for half term so I have been trying to keep her and her bother busy.

Over the weekend it was mine and hubbys Wedding anniversary. We hadn’t really made any big plans for it but we decided to take the kids out to the forest for a little walk and some lunch. They both had a great time and feel asleep on the car journey home. That evening hubby decided that he would cook for us since it was a special day so I put the kids to bed then he called me downstairs for dinner, I walked into the room and was completely surprised, he had set the table all set up with candles and a lovely red table cloth. It was such a lovely surprise and isn’t something he would normally do. The meal was gorgeous and it defiantly made the day complete.

On Valentines day we decided to take the kids out shopping and for some lunch at Yo Sushi, we all love eating sushi and this is defiantly one of our favourite restaurants. So it was a nice little treat for us all. Since it was valentines day we give our kids a little card to make them feel special and feel part of the day.

The rest of the week was pretty quiet as the weather wasn’t the best to be venturing out anywhere so the kids and I enjoyed some movies and cuddles.