Our Little Mans 2nd Birthday

I can’t believe my little man has turned two this past week, I suppose really he is now officially a toddler even though we keep calling him our baby. It was lovely to see him understand a little what was going on and that we were having a special day that was just for him, were family and friends bought him cards and gifts. He really enjoyed tearing into the presents one by one and I was even lucky enough to get a little video clip of him doing so. The night before his party we had taken him down to see some fireworks that were going on in a little town only 20 minutes drive away but we also went to a Victorian Christmas market they were doing. The joys of having winter birthdays.Anyways he absolutely love watching the fireworks which surprised me since he hates the noise of the hoover and my hair dryer.

We had a little party for him at home this year because lets face it how many friends do you have at 2 years old and most of my friends don’t have kids his age or don’t have kids at all but never the less we had a lovely afternoon with the family and had food, cake and giggles. He had a lovely Peppa Pig cake in the shape of a car. He adores peppa pig and always makes piggy noises when he see it. I even let him have some cake because why not its his day.

Its amazing how the time flies past but now that he is officially a toddler I can wait to see what little steps he achieves over the next year like potty training and learning more big words. He amazes me everyday and not to get to soppy but i couldn’t picture my life without him or his sister.



Our Little Man’s Operation

My little man had to go into hospital a few months ago for a little operation, we knew it was coming at some point but when we got the phone call at the start of the week saying to come in it had made my heart sink. I guess you could say it was a bit of a shock as it had been put to the back of my mind for a while from when we were told back before Christmas that he need it. It was a simple operation to his testicles as one side hadn’t dropped. ┬áSo here’s my brief story on how it went at the hospital.

The day before he was due to go in I can honestly say both myself and hubby were very anxious about it all. I packed a bag for him with his pjs,nappies,wipes,change of clothes ,his blanket and his favourite soft toy so that we were ready for the morning. That night I didn’t really sleep well with feeling nervous about it all and wondering what was going to happen.

I was up at 6am getting everything ready to head up to the hospital and sorting my daughter out ready for school. I had organised her to go to her granddads house while we were at the hospital. Our little man was allowed a small breakfast early but wasn’t allowed food from 8am and no water after 11am as the operation would be around 2pm.

We had arrived at the hospital around 1pm and got checked in and shown to cot on the ward they had for him. The moment i seen the little cot i burst into tears. (Was so embarrassed that i did cause i didn’t know were that came from) 30 minutes later the doctor came out to explain everything that was going to happen and what they were going to do. They said they wanted one parent to come into theatre to hold him while they give him the mask to be put to sleep.Well both my hubby and I knew it was going to be him, i just couldn’t picture myself holding him crying and fighting while they were putting the mask on him, it would probably make me falls to bits. So my hubby and I walked down to theatre and it was there i had to kiss him goodbye before his daddy took him into the theatre which totally broke my heart. I kissed him and walked away then stood against a wall with tears streaming down my face.

When hubby came out I could see he was tearing up to so we went for a walk around the hospital grounds even though it was raining. We both just couldn’t settle until we knew he was ok. Its amazing how much things like this makes us realise just how much we love our children, even though this was a routine operation and we knew he would be fine somehow it was really upsetting for us. I even found it strange watching hubby get emotional because its a side of him i never see.

After an hour had past a nurse came and told us he was out of theatre and having a nap and that everything went well. So we got to go to the recovery ward and sit with him while he was coming round. When he came round we were moved back to the ward and he was given some toast and juice which didn’t last long as he had it ate before any of the other bigger kids on the ward so he was definitely feeling a little better. Another hour past and we were allowed to take him home which was a great as it had been a long day.jdhosp

The next day we had a nurse out to check his scars and to see how he was doing, this went on for a few days before he was completely discharged. We had to take extra special care when lifting him and changing his nappies so that we didn’t stretch the skin around his scars but maybe all that’s a story for another day.

I am just glad that its all over now and he recovered so well which makes me proud to be his mummy plus only one week after his operation he took his first steps so i was extra proud of him.



Our Little Man – 18 Months

Wow where has the time gone? Seems like yesterday I was taking you home from the hospital and now your 18 Months Old. You really make your mummy and daddy proud.

Here is your 18 Month Update

  • You got your first walking shoes fitted at clarks and you loved all the attention from the staff there.
  • This month you had your very first dentist visit and your teeth are all perfect, you even got a little sticker just like your big sister.
  • You had a little operation this month too and it broke are hearts that you had to have it done but you did so well and bounced back fast and for that we are so proud of you.
  • Everyday you and your sister are getting closer and closer and i love watching you two play together sometimes.
  • You were a little naughty and drew on the wallpaper in our hallway with one of your sisters crayons. I totally didn’t expect that until you were older, ha ha but slightly cute as you just looked up and smiled so it was hard to be mad at you.
  • You are now weighing 24lbs exactly and have started wearing some age 2 clothes.




Our Little Man – 16 Months

Here is you 16 Month update little man. You are growing up so quickly and I always ask myself where does the time go.

  • This month you stood up and walked along with your A frame walker all by yourself. Mummy was so thrilled to have captured it on our video camera for you to watch some day.
  • You and your sister are so close and you really missed her when she went away for the weekend with her girl guides. You were actually looking for her in her room.It was so cute.
  • Your latest trick this month is putting toys in the washing machine so mummy better be careful doing the washing from now on.
  • Over the Easter break mummy was naughty and let you have some chocolate easter eggs, but it was a lovely milky buttons one and of course you loved it and wanted more but mummy is strict with sugar in our house.
  • Lately you hate wearing your socks and shoes and you love pulling them off at any chance you get. I think its become a fun game for you.
  • You have now started say the word ‘Dog’ very clearly every time you see our dog in the room. Your communication is really coming on especially when you want something.
  • You really enjoyed our little trip to the farm over Easter were you were brave an touched a few of the animals while your sister fed them.


Love you more than you know little man.


Mummy’s Little Man 15 Months

Here is your 15 Month update although theres not a lot to write about this month.

  • You have pretty much all your teeth through now and you actually love it when mummy or daddy brushes them.
  • This month you have been a little poorly with the cold which we all shared around but you coped really well with it.
  • You are really enjoying the new toy corner mummy made in the living room for you and your sister.
  • You have now decided to stand up a lot more but still not got your balance, mummy is so very proud of you for trying so hard.
  • In your baby and toddler group you have become a lot more content and brave, you like to venture around a lot more although when someone talks or smiles at you, you come shying back to mummy.
  • Mummy has started you on vitamins everyday to keep you healthy and build up your immune system.


Mummy’s Little Man 14 Months

Here is you 14 Month update, mummy and daddy are so proud of you and cant believe how big your getting month by month. Your big sister completely adores you and loves playing with you everyday.


  • You had your immunisations this month which you took really well. When the nurse injected you and you cried mummy cried too which she felt really embarrassed about but hearing you cry because you were hurting just got mummy all emotional.
  • You had your check up from the health visitor last week and your weight is now 23lbs 7oz and your height is 86.5 cm.
  • Your teeth are still coming through but no new ones this month.
  • You are really starting to learn to communicate with little hand signs that mummy and daddy have been teaching you for example when you want food you open and close your fist fast and move it to you mouth.
  • You are trying really hard to walk along the sofa and furniture but you are still a little nervous about it.
  • We took you to the park and on the swings for the first time and you absolutely loved it and couldn’t stop giggling.
  • You seen your first snow this past month too and you were completely mesmerized by it.

Mummy’s Little Man – 13 Months Old

Little Man you are 13 Months old now so here is your little update.Your growing so fast everyday and I cherish every little moment we have together.

image1 (1)

  • You have grown so much that your into some of your 18-24 month clothes already, mostly sleep suits and tops.
  • You have your back teeth coming through now and you never give me any bother while you were teething.
  • You really enjoyed Christmas and all your lovely new toys from Santa.It was lovely seeing your face all lit up with excitement on Christmas morning.
  • You had a little cold over the Christmas break but you never let it stop you playing and having fun with your sister.
  • You still don’t like the noise of the hoover and you crawl away crying when its on.Mummy is sorry for that one but the cleaning needs done so you can make more mess.
  • I let you have your first piece of proper chocolate just to try it and you loved it just like I thought you would.
  • You are still standing up against anything you can now and your doing so well learning your balance.
  • I have moved you up to size 5 nappies now since you seem to have had a little growth spurt.