Spatone Apple Liquid Iron Review

Two months ago I was sent a box of Spatone Apple Liquid Iron supplement to review from a company called Nelsons via the bizziebaby reviews site. In my personal life I would suffer from low iron from time to time so I was very excited to have the opportunity to try spatone apple.


My Initial impression of the product was that it was well presented and well packaged. The packaging itself is great as all the sachets come in a cardboard box which is great for storing in the cupboard and is also recyclable. The box is colourful and bright which makes it very appealing. The instructions were straight forward, to the point and very easy to follow.Each sachet contains the liquid iron and can be drunk straight out of the sachet although I preferred to pour it in a glass and drink it as I found it much easier to take this way and less chance of spilling it everywhere but handy for posing in your bag if your in a rush.

In my opinion the product itself is good quality and completely fit for its purpose and is reasonably priced for what it is especially considering that you get a month’s supply in one box. I had tried a liquid iron supplement in the past and I have to admit that this one with apple flavouring definitely makes a difference to the taste. I have been using Spatone liquid now for the past month and I will be continuing to buy for myself as it has worked really well for me as an iron supplement and I personally prefer it over the tablet versions as this is so easy to take,especially since I am a mum on the go its good to know I am getting the iron and vitamin C that I need and lets not forget the nice apple taste it has to it that makes it easier to drink and doesn’t leave you with that awful after-taste that some other supplements might do.

This product can be used during pregnancy and for children over 2.The apple flavouring may also make it easier to get your children to drink it and they may just think its apple juice when really they are getting there iron supplement. It’s also a lot kinder on your stomach than some other tablet supplements may be. The Spatone liquid iron with apple flavouring also includes 100% of your recommend vitamin C which is a plus as personally sometimes I feel we don’t get enough of the vitamins in our bodies that we need.

Overall I highly recommend Spatone with apple and will definitely be going to purchase some more for myself.

If you are interested in buying some for yourself you can pick these up in places such as Boots,Tesco,Asda and many other health care stores.


Bumpsters Cot Bed Bumper Set Review

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be sent  Bumpsters Cot Bed Bumpers to review from a company called Hippy Chick via Bizziebaby reviews. I used these for 6 weeks before reviewing them and I am still using them in my sons cot today. So here is my honest opinion on this product.

On First impression I thought that these would be great for stopping my son bumping his head of the bars on his cot when hes rolling around. I loved that these came in a zip up bag which makes it easy to take with you if you were going to stay overnight somewhere or on holiday. The instructions were straight forward and very easy to follow. In the instructions it said about washing the Bumpsters and I have to say after a normal 30°C wash they came out like new. The quality is excellent and they are well made with the Velcro either side to attach them to the cot bars.

Now to be completely honest I thought that bumpsers were a little overpriced but the product itself is great regardless of the cost and I would consider purchasing it if I saw this on offer myself. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with babies and toddlers as its great for avoiding them bumps on the head when baby rolls around in the cot.


Overall Bumpsters have been great at protecting my sons head when he accidently bangs against the cot bars and are completely fit for purpose.They fitted very easy on to my son’s cot bars and they still allowed the air to circulate around the cot which is great. They are soft and the design is lovely which matches in well with my son’s nursery. Hippy Chick also sell bumpsters in a range of different designs/colours so its easy to pick one to match baby’s nursery.


So finally I’d like to Thank Hippy chick for sending me these lovely bumpers to review. If anyone is interested in this product or would like to check out their range of other products just visit their web site at

Ella’s Kitchen Weaning Spoons

On a trip around my local boots store I came across these Ellas kitchen weaning spoons and I thought I would give them a try. They screw on the top of Ella’s pouches and they come in their own little case. So I thought these would be useful because sometimes when we are out and about my little man loves the little fruit pouches by Ellas kitchen.


We have now been using these for the past month and I have to say they have been really useful for feeding the little man his pouches. As you can see from my picture there’s a hole in the neck of the spoon to allow food to travel up through. I love the fact that they have their own case that fits in your changing bag or even your own handbag which means you know there going to be kept clean and germ free which being a mummy is one less thing to worry about. I have used them in the dishwasher including the case on the top drawer with no problems as long as you remember to keep the case slightly open when its in there but to be honest I personally prefer to just hand wash them. They are soft and flexible so perfect for babies who are teething. Overall i would say that mummy and baby are pleased with these and we will continue to use them.


Disclaimer ** This was an item i purchased myself and reviewed myself and was in no way compensated for this. **

Tommee Tippee Handles

So i was out doing the usual weekly supermarket shop and in the baby aisle i came across tommee tippee handles which fit on to there bottles.


I thought this is such a great idea especially since recently my boy at most feeds try’s to hold the bottle himself. These handles are great at letting him have a go at holding his own bottle now. They also come in different colours which i loved but naturally i choose the blue ones. I had never seen these before and they certainly were not around when i had my daughter 6 years ago, mind you they were both breastfed for the few months of life before moving on to the bottles and 6 years ago i really loved the tommee tippee bottles so i choose them this time around as well. Sometimes it amazes me how much baby products have changed over the years but these little handles are perfect for teaching little ones and letting them learn how to drink themselves.


The little mans feed with the handles attached

Disclaimer ** This was an item i purchased myself and reviewed myself and was in no way compensated for this. **

Baby Potz

I decided to write my own personal review on the baby potz i bought myself a few weeks ago as i have now started using them. I picked the mixed starter set to see how it goes. It contained 50 Pots, 10 in each size.

I was first attracted to them due to the fact they came in various different sizes which i thought was great as it means i can be mindful of portion sizes as my son progresses up his weaning stages. The mixed starter set is suitable for first stage weaning and up to first year. In my box i got 5 sizes, 10 of 1oz,2oz,3oz,4oz and 5oz. I recently made a batch of food using 1oz and 2oz for my sons first tastes and he loves them.

11054813_1100933359933879_8581831457359732572_n (1) DSCN0453

My first batch above. (Carrot, cauliflower and broccoli)

Making up a batch was great as i was able to freeze them and saves time in the long run. You can also use these pots in the microwave which is good for being able to heat up the meals. They can be used in a dishwasher and the sterilizer although to be honest i prefer to hand wash everything but that’s just me. I did find when you lift them out of the freezer you do have to be careful as over the time the plastic can become a little weak due to using them lots but as long as you care for them they will be great. These pots are definitely great for all those who want to make home cooked meals for little ones and they are so worth every penny and i love that they have lids to keep food fresher. My daughter is 6 years old now and i wish i had these back when i was weaning her.

This little man definitely enjoys his baby potz


Disclaimer **** This was an item i purchased myself and reviewed myself and was in no way compensated for this. ****