The Birth Of My Little Man

Just like his sister he decided he was too comfortable to come out so I was given a date to come in for induction, so this time I sort of knew what to expect but this time around we were booked in at a different hospital so it all felt different for me.

I went into the hospital at 8am and was brought to a ward after nervously waiting around for half an hour.There was 3 other couples also there on the ward waiting to be started like us. I was then told about what they were going to do and then they give me the drugs to help bring on labour.Have to say i hated the internal examination but then who does. I was brought into a little room of our own while the midwife wired me up to listen to baby’s heart beat. After a while I was allowed off the machine and hubby and I decided to go for a walk to the hospital shop but on the way I started getting pains and had to walk really slowly which i felt embarrassed about but I was determined to do it because I thought it might help baby come down.It definitely felt like the longest walk back to the labour ward since my pains had gotten worse.

I got back to our little room and managed to eat and drink even though the pain was getting worse. The pain felt like the worse period pains ever I was offered pain killers which of course I jumped at, i also got given gas and air but to be honest i wasn’t really fused on it and I never used it the last time.

As time passed the pain progressed and I asked for an epidural again since it proved well for me the last time. However I have to say this time it didn’t seem to be as effective which I was told could happen in some people but never the less it took the edge off so I recommend it, the worse part is sitting still in pain while they put the needle in your back. As time went on the contraction were becoming more frequent and i remember squeezing my hubbys hand everytime it happened and as all this was going on i could see that the midwife had everything set up for the baby coming including the little cot in the room which really made it all real for me, after years and years of trying and having to go through ivf this was it, i was finally going to meet my baby.

So it was just after 7pm and I was ready to push but once again after half an hour the midwife decided i would need a little help from the forceps and said it was pretty common to happen again since it happened with my first labour, so in came the doctor and with alot of squeezing my hubbys hand out popped our little man at 19.51 pm and i remember the doctor joking with us as the little one came out in a superman pose so to this day we call him our wee superman. I had to have a few stitches which weren’t nice getting done but i was to busy admiring my little bundle that i didn’t notice too much. He weighed in at 9lbs 6oz and a length of 53 cm. The family knew we were having a boy this time as we couldn’t keep it to ourselves as we were over the moon about having one of each now since it took alot of time and one hell of a journey to get this beautiful little man.

jenson born

The Beginning – The Birth Of My Baby Girl

My baby girl decided that she was so comfortable in mummy’s tummy that she didn’t want to come out. So 10 Days after my due date in November 2008 i was given a date to come in and be induced.

As this was my first pregnancy to be honest I was pretty clueless and pretty nervous about the whole thing but a lot of it was overcome with the excitement of getting to meet my little bundle of joy.

I went in to the hospital in the evening time and I got myself settled in, and i was then given the drugs to get things started, after an hour my husband was told to go home and rest until something was to happen. I spent a little while sending messages back and forth to hubby as we both couldn’t sleep and I was starting to feel sick.

Around 1 am I started to feel pain like cramping and i remember thinking this is it, the beginning of life changing forever. A few hours past and I couldn’t sleep with the pain as it got worse but i still took no medication for the pain as I wanted to hold off as long as i could. At around 3am I tried to look for the bathroom and before I could my waters broke and I swear I thought I wet myself ha ha.

A while more past and the pain was just as bad and the nurse said that i wasnt dilated enough to go down to the labour room so she decided to run me a bath to help me relax but while she was away my contractions and pains got worse and this is when another nurse discovered that I had dilated about 3-4cm now and they decided to call my husband to come up as it seemed to be going faster and they wanted to bring me to the labour ward. By the time my husband arrive i had been moved down to the labour room and this was about 7am.

After all that excitement everything slowed down and i cant remember much from that until around 2pm when the pains got so bad that i decided to have a epidural. They are great by the way. It wasnt in my birth plan to have one but am glad i did now as it helped me be more comfortable during labour.

5pm Came and finally i was fully dilated and ready to push, i remember my hubby sitting beside me holding my hand. After a half hour of pushing it was decided to bring in the doctor and they had to use the forceps to guide my baby out and i was getting exhausted. Then at 5.56pm there she was my beautiful baby girl weighing in a 7lbs 8oz and a length of 56Cm.¬†It was a magical moment i will never forever, i instantly forgot about all the pain and i wasnt aware that the doctor was doing a few stitches. My hubby even had tears in his eyes when she came out and he also cut the core which was amazing to see as i never seen him getting emotional like that before. Its amazing the way dads become dads the moments they see their child being born but mum’s are mum from the first positive pregnancy test.


The next few hours where full of pictures and phone calls to everyone to announce she was here. No one knew we where having a girl we kept that one to ourselves.