About Us

Hello and welcome to my blog, I am a Mummy of two.My daughter is 9 years old, my little man is 3 years old and I am currently pregnant with twins, I am married to my best friend and he is a great dad to our kids.We have been together since 2007 and got married in 2010.We lost our first baby to ectopic pregnancy before we had our daughter in 2008, I then had a miscarriage followed by another ectopic pregnancy months later, from then we kept trying for years until we decided to go for ivf treatment, it worked first time so it was well worth it and so I got pregnant with my son in 2014. I started this blog as a way to document some of our fun and crazy times together as a family and of course my journey as mum. Our family life is always pretty busy and we are always on the go or doing something but we always try to make the most out of our family life and enjoy every minute, even on the more challenging days.

In the home I love cooking especially when it comes to making healthy and delicious meals for the family,I like trying new recipes or even trying crazy ideas of my own, there’s not much I won’t try.

Some of my  hobbies outside being mummy is hand crafting cards,candles,soap,Jewellery and anything else I can get my hands on. I have a big passion for making handmade items and I find it can be very relaxing at times.

I blog Parenting, Food,Lifestyle, Product Reviews and so much more,I really enjoy writing on here so I hope you enjoy reading some of my posts too and hopefully someday my kids will enjoy reading some of our adventures and stories.

Everything that is written has been tried, tested, experienced and approved by me or my lovely kiddies. And we will always give our honest little Impressions.


” Live Every momentLaugh EverydayLove Beyond Words