Fun Fruit Ideas

Here are some fun fruit ideas, these are great to get the kids to eat fruit. My kids absolutely loved these and we will be definitely making these again.


Fruit Wand

The star was made by using a pineapple and a star cookie cutter or if your brave you could cut it out by hand. We then placed a mixture of red and green grapes on to the stick to hold it all together.

Banana Dolphin

This was made by using a small plastic cup, or you could use the little tubs that fruit or little desserts come in. Providing its clear or see through like the one we have made.We took the banana and cut the bottom of it and removed a little piece from the inside. Then inside the cup we placed a plastic shot glass and placed the banana on it to hold it in place. We used some grapes and mini marshmallows to stuff down the sides inside the cup to stop the banana falling over and it gives it the look of the dolphin coming out of water. We then made a slit on the top of the banana and placed a grape inside to make it look like the mouth and then put a dot of chocolate icing to make the eye.

Strawberry Mice

These were made by placing cutting a strawberry in half and placing a strawberry sweet lace the top half of it to make it look like a tail then we used chocolate icing to decorated it and placed it in a bun case.


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