Maltesters Cheesecake

Here a simple recipe for making a lovely Maltester Cheese desert, perfect for a weekend treat. Ingredients 1 Packet of ┬áPlain Digestive Biscuits 100g Unsalted Butter 400g Cream Cheese 100g Icing Sugar Half teaspoon of Vanilla Flavouring 300mls Double Cream 1 box of maltesters Method First I crushed the digestive biscuits in a large bowl... Continue Reading →

Simple Pancakes

Pancake Day, also known as shrove Tuesday has been celebrated for many years and also marks the last day before Lent starts. Its a great way to get the kids in the kitchen to help out as pancakes are simple and easy to make and lets not forget they taste great especially when you add... Continue Reading →

Homemade Potato And Leek Soup

Potato and leek soup is reasonably easy to cook and is perfect for the family especially in the winter months. It's also great when your feeling under the weather and its an easy soup to freeze to have at a later stage although personally I prefer it when its fresh but that's just me. There... Continue Reading →

Pitta Pizza’s

Pitta Pizza is one of my favourite things to make, it's so easy to put together and my kids love it as this is one they can help mummy with in the kitchen. Ingredients That I Used: Red and Yellow Peppers Mushrooms Ham Onion Salami Olives Mild Cheddar Cheese Herb and Garlic Red Sauce Pitta... Continue Reading →

Baby Potz

I decided to write my own personal review on the baby potz I bought myself a few weeks ago as i have now started using them and really love them. I picked the mixed starter set to see how it goes. It contained 50 Pots, 10 in each size. I was first attracted to them... Continue Reading →

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