Family Friday Round Up (17/2/17)

Its been quite a busy week with lots going and my daughter is off for half term so I have been trying to keep her and her bother busy.

Over the weekend it was mine and hubbys Wedding anniversary. We hadn’t really made any big plans for it but we decided to take the kids out to the forest for a little walk and some lunch. They both had a great time and feel asleep on the car journey home. That evening hubby decided that he would cook for us since it was a special day so I put the kids to bed then he called me downstairs for dinner, I walked into the room and was completely surprised, he had set the table all set up with candles and a lovely red table cloth. It was such a lovely surprise and isn’t something he would normally do. The meal was gorgeous and it defiantly made the day complete.

On Valentines day we decided to take the kids out shopping and for some lunch at Yo Sushi, we all love eating sushi and this is defiantly one of our favourite restaurants. So it was a nice little treat for us all. Since it was valentines day we give our kids a little card to make them feel special and feel part of the day.

The rest of the week was pretty quiet as the weather wasn’t the best to be venturing out anywhere so the kids and I enjoyed some movies and cuddles.


Family Friday Round Up (10/2/17)

I decided that I would start writing a weekly round up about whats been going on in our family life and maybe someday we can look back on these memories. So here goes.

This past weekend we decided on a trip to the garden centre which was holding a gardening club for kids. We had never taken them to it before and heard its on each Saturday at the start of the month so I decided we would go and try it. Its about 45 minutes drive way to get there. My dad lives up close to the garden centre so it meant we could take the kids to see there grandad at the same time.

The kids gardening club was amazing they really had thought of everything. When we went in they give each of the kids a plastic plant pot to sit and decorate. They had tables set up with glues, glitters,stitters and also sort of crafting type things. After the kids were done they were taken up stairs in groups to the main part of the centre were they got given soil in there pot and got to plant two shallots in them. They were both thrilled. Afterwards the kids were all brought up to the back part of the cafe were they got to wash there hands before getting given a glass of water and a biscuit each so needless today this kept my two happy.

After the gardening centre fun we popped to the shopping centre for a look around and for some lunch before heading over to visit grandad.

Sunday was a lazy family day and of course there was getting organised for school the next day.

The rest of the week wasn’t as exciting, just our usual routine of school for my daughter and her ballet classes and brownies during the week.

Mid week I took my father in law over the nursing home to visit his wife (My Mother in law). She’s ill so is currently in a home for the mean time.

This week my son enjoyed his session in mums and tots, I think it really helps him to get to play with other kids his age and I love chatting getting to all the other mums and good to know your not alone with this whole parenting thing and we all have are good and bad days.

Anyways thats my round up for this week, Thanks for reading.


Chinese New Year 2017


This Chinese New Year is The Year of the Rooster and begins on Saturday January 28 and lasts until February 15th, 2018. The new year, also known as the Spring Festival, is marked by the lunisolar Chinese calendar, so the date changes each year.

Every Chinese New Year is characterised by one of 12 animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese zodiac is divided into 12 blocks (or houses) , but with the major difference being that each house has a time-length of one year instead of one month.

This year it’s the Year of the Rooster, which is the tenth animal in the cycle. The next Year of the Rooster won’t be until 2029.

So this Chinese new year I decided to teach my daughter what it was about and how it is different from our tradition new year calendar and in doing so we decided to make it fun by having our own little feast of Chinese food to celebrate the Chinese new year in our own way. Its important to me to teach our kids about different cultures and to enjoy and respect each and everyones beliefs.

At the dinner table we leant how to say a few basic words in Chinese like thank you,hello and your welcome. (Of course I used google for this one and was it funny watching hubby and my daughter trying to pronounce the words) We also learnt a few facts such as that Firecrackers are popular during the Chinese New Year as they are thought to scare off evil spirits.

The little feast we served up consisted of homemade Hot & Sour Soup, Pork char siu,Noodles,Rice,Plain Chicken Chunks (mainly for the toddler) and duck with a plum sauce. We also had prawn crackers and chinese green tea on the table and some fortune cookies for afterwards.

It all went down a treat and I even got our little man to try the green tea and he seemed to not hate the taste or spit it out. Our daughter on the other hand wasn’t impressed with it and didn’t like the taste.

Heres a few Pictures of what we enjoyed

image1-1     img_2538

Happy Chinese New Year 2017 – May you live a long and healthy life.

Our Festive Weekends

In the run up to Christmas we have been enjoying some lovely festive days out together and getting the kids very excited for Santa coming so I thought I would share what we have been up to.



The first weekend in December we took the kids to our local Christmas continental market. We always love going to this year as they have so much to offer from food, handcrafted items and holiday treats such as mulled wine and festive coffees. It was beautifully lit up with fairy lights along the stalls and in the centre of the market was a huge Christmas tree.While we were visiting we decided to try some of the food. I chose the hog roast dinner and hubby chose paella with sweet potato chips as its our toddlers favourite. Food was amazing and there wasn’t a piece left in anyones box and no fighting from the kids as they happily scoffed the lot.


The second weekend in December we went to a church which was about 45 minutes drive from were we live as they were holding a special Christmas event called ‘The Wonder of Christmas experience’. It was the first year they had held it so we decided to go and check it out and we are glad that we did as it totally amazing and well thought out for the kids. The cost was only £5 in per family and an additional £2 per child to see Santa which was more than worth it as all the money raised was going to charity.They had a room set up with Christmas trees all around it and white back drops and standing at each backdrop was different children’s characters from batman,spiderman,paw patrol,mickey and mini mouse,disney princesses and the characters from frozen which is our daughters favourite. Our little man however was a little nervous around the characters and wasn’t keen on getting close enough for any photos but he was totally amused and loved giving them all high 5. In a large hall they had stalls set up selling handcrafted items such as soaps, jewellery and candles. Then in another hall there was various food stalls set up selling thing such as burgers, hotdogs and chips which brings me to the best part, the visit to see Santa Claus. To see Santa we were taken on a short little train ride over too were they had a private little shed were Santa was waiting inside. When it was our turn to go in and see Santa our daughter was so excited telling Santa what she wanted for Christmas but our little man was a bit frightened of Santa and wouldn’t even take the little present of him but then again most toddlers are probably a little freaked out going to see this big guy with a white beard in a big red suit. I managed to get one photo of Santa and our daughter but the little man was having none of it. The whole thing was definitely a enjoyable experience and i hope they do it again next year.


The third weekend in December which was the last before Christmas we went to see our daughter in two different nativity plays. The first was done by her school were she was dressed up as an angel and had a few lines to learn (which took us about week to get right) and on the day she did them amazingly and both myself and hubby were so proud of her. The other nativity she was in was at our local church we attend and this time she was dressed up as a cow which she wasn’t very impressed at but what can you do lol. They told the nativity story from the animals point of view which is why all the kids were dressed up as different animals but they were all so cute in there little outfits.

Going to all these different festive activities definitely made it feel like Christmas for us and am sure it got the kids excited for the build up to Santa.

Merry Christmas Everyone and a Happy New Year!

Our Little Mans 2nd Birthday

I can’t believe my little man has turned two this past week, I suppose really he is now officially a toddler even though we keep calling him our baby. It was lovely to see him understand a little what was going on and that we were having a special day that was just for him, were family and friends bought him cards and gifts. He really enjoyed tearing into the presents one by one and I was even lucky enough to get a little video clip of him doing so. The night before his party we had taken him down to see some fireworks that were going on in a little town only 20 minutes drive away but we also went to a Victorian Christmas market they were doing. The joys of having winter birthdays.Anyways he absolutely love watching the fireworks which surprised me since he hates the noise of the hoover and my hair dryer.

We had a little party for him at home this year because lets face it how many friends do you have at 2 years old and most of my friends don’t have kids his age or don’t have kids at all but never the less we had a lovely afternoon with the family and had food, cake and giggles. He had a lovely Peppa Pig cake in the shape of a car. He adores peppa pig and always makes piggy noises when he see it. I even let him have some cake because why not its his day.

Its amazing how the time flies past but now that he is officially a toddler I can wait to see what little steps he achieves over the next year like potty training and learning more big words. He amazes me everyday and not to get to soppy but i couldn’t picture my life without him or his sister.



Homemade Chicken and Broccoli bake


Here a simple recipe for making chicken and broccoli bake. Packed full of vitamins its a great dish for the whole family to enjoy.


  • 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
  • 4 medium chicken fillets, chopped
  • 1 medium onion
  • 450g / 1lb of broccoli florets
  • 1 tin of chicken or mushroom soup
  • 1 ½ dessertspoons of curry powder
  • 150ml semi-skimmed milk
  • 50g Breadcrumbs
  • 50g Cheddar cheese, grated



Method Of Cooking It 

  • First thing I do is to pre-heat the oven to 220°C /Gas Mark 7
  • Then I heat the oil in the saucepan,chop the onion and fry for around 2 to 3 minutes
  • Next I add the chicken pieces to the saucepan and cook for  around 10 minutes.image2
  • While the chicken is cooking I would place the broccoli in a saucepan of water and boil for around 10 minutes.
  • I then would mix the milk, chicken soup and curry powder together in a jug
  • When the chicken pieces are cooked I would place them with the onion and broccoli into the casserole dish.
  • Next I would pour the soup mixture over the chicken,onions and broccoli then season with salt and pepper to taste.
  • The last thing I do is to cover the top of the mixture with the breadcrumbs and grated cheese.I love this part and the kids and I always end up nibbling on the grated cheese before it reaches the dish.
  • Finally I cook it in the oven for around 30 minutes or until the cheese starts to crisp up.
  • Serve and enjoy.


Starting Back To School/Starting School

With all the children including my own daughter starting back to school it can be a very emotional time especially for those parents who are sending their child/children into school for the first time so I came across this beautifully written letter that i would like to share so that it may bring comfort to those parents who may be feeling nervous and anxious about there children starting school.

Dear Teacher,

I know you’re rather busy, first day back, there’s just no time, a whole new class of little ones and this one here is mine.

I’m sure you have things covered and have done this lots before, but my boy is very little, he hasn’t long turned four.

In his uniform this morning, he looked so tall and steady, but now beside your great big school I’m not quite sure he’s ready.

Do you help them eat their lunch? Are you quick to soothe their fears? And if he falls and hurts his knee will someone dry his tears?

And what if no-one plays with him? What if someone’s mean? What if two kids have a fight and he’s caught in between?

You’re right, I have to leave now it’s time for him to go I’m sure he’ll learn so much from you, things that I don’t know.

Yes, I’m sure they settle quickly, that he’s fine now without me, I know he has to go to school, it’s just so fast.

You see, it seems like just a blink ago I first held him in my arms, it’s been my job to love, to teach, to keep him safe from harm.

So, when I wave goodbye in a moment and he turns to walk inside, forgive me if I crumple into tears of loss and pride.

I know as I give him one more kiss and watch him walk away, that he’ll never again be wholly mine as he was before today.
Are you blubbing yet? If not, the teacher’s reply should definitely set you off…


Dear Parent,

I understand that you are scared to wave your child goodbye and leave him in a teacher’s hands – don’t worry if you cry!

I’m used to weeping parents, it’s hard to leave I know. But it’s time to share him (just a bit) to help him learn and grow.

Let me reassure you that I’ll give your child my best, I’ll wipe his tears, soothe his fears and change his dirty vest!

If your darling child is full of cold I’ll blow their nose all day, just like you, I’ll care for them in a special way.

I’ll treat him like I would my own I’ll catch him from a fall and if there is ANY problem I’ll be sure to tell you all.

It’s true he’ll grow to love us, they’ll talk of school a lot, it doesn’t mean they hate you and that you should lose the plot!

I’ll tell you a secret… That when your child is here, they talk to me as much of you of this please have no fear.

You’ll always be their mother, whilst teachers come and go, to them you are their number one, this I truly know.

Soon you’ll see some changes, in your little girl or boy, they’ll become more independent and to see this, it’s a joy!

I’ll teach them all I have to give, to share, climb and to write, but to you they safely will return to tuck them in at night.

With love from a teacher…