5 Tips On Baby & Toddler Care In Summer Time

Every season comes with its own challenges and Summer brings with it scorching sun and hot winds.

Its also the time of year when many of us head off aboard with our little ones so its important to keep them Cool,Happy and sunburn free while on holiday and at home.

My daughter was only 18 Months when we took her to Spain on her first big holiday and thankfully being the overprotective crazy first time mum that I was I pretty much plastered her in sun cream the whole time so no sunburn was had. Cant say the same about my husband thought he got burnt on our first day, so maybe I should be writing a post on Husband care in the summer,lol


  1. First tip is pretty obvious, Suncream. Apply Suncream on you baby or toddler at regular intervals and more so if you go in and out of the water. Also use a high factor for children. I Personally use factor 50 on my kids and would only use 30 or 15 on myself. Babies and Toddlers skin tend to be more prone to burning as there skin is a lot thinner than ours. Also make sure your sun cream is new, as the factor diminishes as the cream gets older. Some suncream’s are not recommended for babies under 6 months so always check the bottle.
  2. Water! Give you baby or Toddler lots to drink throughout the day to prevent dehydration. ( Seems pretty obvious I know) If your toddler start to loose interest in drinking water then try ice lollys.
  3. Beware of Pool tempertures, Small babies can get cold easily, so they need to swim in a pool that is heated. If it feels too chilly for you, then it’s way too cold for your baby or toddler.
  4. Shade, Its a good idea if your going to be outside a lot that you keep you baby or toddler in shade as much as you can throughout the day to prevent sunburn and overheating. Using things like hats and sunshades on prams can help.
  5. Cool light clothes, another obvious one but its pretty important to keep the little ones cool by dressing in light clothing such and t-shirts and shorts. This also help air to ventilate around baby or toddler to keep them cool.

And the most important part in sun is to enjoy yourself and cherish every moment with your little ones!


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