Halloween Crafting For Kids

I decided to have some crafting time with the kids and make some lovely simple decorations for Halloween. So here’s some of our ideas and creations.

The list of the thing’s we usedIMG_6353

  • Various coloured paints – These are premixed and easy to use and also washable so that’s a plus for those messy hands that you worry might touch the sofa or walls. You can find these sorts of paints easy in your local supermarket like tesco or asda.
  • White card – We went through alot of this especially with making our letters to spell ‘Happy Halloween’, again this is something you can find in your local supermarket.
  • Paper plates – We used these for painting pumpkins but do watch out as i made the mistake of buying paper plates that had a shine on them which meant the paint didn’t soak in well but luckily i had another set which didn’t and was just plain paper ones.
  • Paint Brushes – I guess this is a pretty obvious one so need I say more and again you can find these in your local supermarket.
  • Apron – A must have for keeping the kids clean and my daughter proved me right that we needed one since she managed to paint herself different colours. (thank goodness for the apron mummy says)
  • Felt tips – We used these for colouring on our pumpkin plates when they were dry and its much easier than dragging out all those paints again.
  • Googly Eyes – We used these as eyes on most of our work as my daughter thought it would be funny and different. I picked these up in poundland.
  • Scissors – There was lots of cutting different things but to be fair that was mostly mummy’s job while the painting was going on.

Here’s some of what we made. We had lots of fun and plenty of giggles making our Halloween decorations.

Pumpkin Plates


For these we painted our paint orange, used our googly eyes and used our felt tips to draw the nose and mouth.


I drew out letters for my daughter to paint which spelt the words ‘Happy Halloween which we now have displayed nicely along are fire-place and we attached all the letters together using string.



My hubby (aka Daddy) drew and cut out bat shapes to painted black. On some of the bats my daughter thought it would be a good idea to add googly eyes.


For our spiders we drew around our hands at each side so doing the left and right hand and keeping your thumb up the way for the spiders head and fingers for the legs.We cut them out then coloured them black and of course more of the googly eyes, think my daughter loves putting them on everything.

Some of our crafts drying out.


This was a lot of fun so if your kids are bored over Halloween why not try some spooky arts and crafts, if you dare and enjoy your Halloween this year wherever you are.


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