Spatone Apple Liquid Iron Review

I was sent a box of Spatone Apple Liquid Iron supplement to review from a company called Nelsons via the bizziebaby reviews site. In my personal life I would suffer from low iron from time to time so I was very excited to have the opportunity to try spatone apple.


My Initial impression of the product was that it was well presented and well packaged. The packaging itself is great as all the sachets come in a cardboard box which is great for storing in the cupboard and is also recyclable. The box is colourful and bright which makes it very appealing. The instructions were straight forward, to the point and very easy to follow.Each sachet contains the liquid iron and can be drunk straight out of the sachet although I preferred to pour it in a glass and drink it as I found it much easier to take this way and less chance of spilling it everywhere but handy for putting in your bag if your in a rush.

In my opinion the product itself is good quality and completely fit for its purpose and is reasonably priced for what it is especially considering that you get a month’s supply in one box. I had tried a liquid iron supplement in the past and I have to admit that this one with apple flavouring definitely makes a difference to the taste. I have been using Spatone liquid now for the past month and I will be continuing to buy for myself as it has worked really well for me as an iron supplement and I personally prefer it over the tablet versions as this is so easy to take,especially since I am a mum on the go its good to know I am getting the iron and vitamin C that I need and lets not forget the nice apple taste it has to it that makes it easier to drink and doesn’t leave you with that awful after-taste that some other supplements might do. It has even made me feel like I have more energy and helps me not feel as tired.

This product can be used during pregnancy and for children over 2.The apple flavouring may also make it easier to get your children to drink it and they may just think its apple juice when really they are getting there iron supplement. It’s also a lot kinder on your stomach than some other tablet supplements may be. The Spatone liquid iron with apple flavouring also includes 100% of your recommend vitamin C which is a plus as personally sometimes I feel we don’t get enough of the vitamins in our bodies that we need.

Overall I highly recommend Spatone with apple and will definitely be going to purchase some more for myself.

If you are interested in buying some for yourself you can pick these up in places such as Boots,Tesco,Asda and many other health care stores.



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